Interview: Broadsheet

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What’s Melbourne like in summer?
Melbourne turns into a pressure cooker in the summer. The city heat makes people spill into parks and any greenery they can find with bottles of beer and homemade treats. I love the summer nights best. No sweaters and no curfews.

Tell us about your perfect day?
Breakfast at Pearl Oyster. A new summer thing from Martin Fella Vintage. Southside to Licorice Pie for a new record or two, followed by a cruise to the beach for gelato in the sea. Then home to cook up some Korean-inspired tacos with beers, tunes and fairy lights in the garden.

Where do you get coffee?
I grab a coffee wherever I can squeeze in a pit stop between cake deliveries. As long as the coffee is strong and they don’t charge a ransom for Bonsoy then I’m happy. Nick’s Coffee Bar in the city is a new daggy favourite. It’s no frills coffee served in a den of Little Italy charm.

Where do you knock off in the evening?
Captains of Industry is my favourite escape. Get a seat by the window, sip an Old Fashioned and stay for their new dinner menu. Perfect date night.

Where do you go on summer holidays?
There’s not much of a chance to go on holiday running Sticky Fingers, but a daytrip is always doable. My partner and I had a great trek out to Lorne recently. After a swim, we stopped in at The Bottle of Milk for a burger and then lazed around in a magical lagoon. My last big holiday was Hawaii. My plan was to get lost on the most remote island I could find. I would 100 per cent recommend that.

What will you be baking this summer?
Lots of wedding cakes! Fluffy meringue buttercreams, earthy apple cider cupcakes and pink champagne chiffon cakes are popular creations this season. In my down time, I’ll be experimenting with more edible flowers, which I plan to use in some fresh recipes for the new year.

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